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Chris Downs Google Data Archive to 20200920 (Public Edition). Contains Legal Evidence [Google Photos, Maps, Location, Activity and Hangouts Data. (WARNING! The (Hangouts Data) Honeybait Files Contain Adult/Sensitive Content! Must be of LEGAL ADULT AGE to view and Biblical Discretion is Advised.).]

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The Ten Commandments and Love

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Version of BEFORE Cassini's Account was deleted (up to 20200902)

You may copy and paste, redistribute, publish and even expand upon / elaborate on this testimony as needed. It is advised that you give credit where credit is due, but do feel free to copy and paste my words (respecting of all People, Places and Crowns) even without using quotation marks. If you wish to write books or host websites building apon the foundation i have laid, know that i present this entire testimony as free and open-source and open commons. Retweet it. Copy and Paste it. Transliterate it. Forward Others to it. Print and Bind it. Send Leaflets of it. Personalize it. Expand apon it. Publish it. Tell The World of the example that it is with me. And make hasteā€”for The Time is now!

The Twitter Scroll Archive [(this webpage) (Updated 20210224)] can be downloaded to computers by clicking this link

The Twitter Scroll Archive [(this webpage) (Updated 20200902) (Older Version BEFORE Cassini's Account was deleted)] can be downloaded to computers by clicking this link

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ChrisDownsBooks Rife Frequency forwarding over 16,000 tweets to ward off evil spirits, the plagues of Babylon, sorcery schemes and to rush in The Coming Millennial Kingdom - Rife Binaural Beats Chakra Seance - Play Looped

Welcome to ChrisDownsBooks and the scroll Statutes of Salvation!
Simply reading through this testimony will sharpen, train and equip you to overcome these days and all the things that happen within them, but you must persevere. And reading it a second time will only increase your prowess that much more. We are all called to One Kingdom under The King of kings and Lord of lords. Think of this account as a Forward Operating Base (FOB) and arsenal with the munitions that my words are where the Holy Bible is as Mother Base and both platforms are for Us to operate on with the internet being as the Plain of Megiddo in the field of Armageddon that We are to fight against all tyranny and injustice until Our Beloved, Loving Millennial Kingdom is established. Be sure to utilize your Family Units and form schools/groups to ready yourselves with the scriptures/munitions this testimony provides. This testimony is free and open-source and open commons. You may redistribute and expand apon / elaborate on it as needed [(even without quotation marks) (respecting of all Persons, Places and Crowns)]--even choosing to publish some-to-even-all of it as your heart sees fit. Read it in order on this page along with the latest tweets at, Fortis Momentum and the Bible References found within that. Know The Word. And know how to browse this file and search this site for rapid Word Ammunition.
This testimony--in tandem with The Word--will arm and equip You to overcome these days, but You must have on always The Full Armor of God, Your Crown of Humility and seek The Three Promises to be fulfilled for every piece of Your Crown (knowing that satan will tempt and attack You).
This Scroll (of tweets) starts in April 2017. Begin by selecting the year 2017 and select, "All" or a month of your choice and scroll all the way to the bottom and then begin reading from the Bottom to the Top, climbing up it. Do this for all following years/months [or, if you already began reading, Click and Scroll to where you left off and continue or reread (it gets better after rereading)]. Or, start somewhere random and then read the rest for more interesting results. Compare with CoWitnesses! Be sure to click timestamps to find tweets on twitter for links and more!
Note: You may search my entire archive by typing any keyword of your choice in the text field/box below. If a word or name You search for changes part of its spelling when going from singular to plural or long name to nickname (example: "Angelina" to "Angie"), then search for the common (example: "Ang").
The Scroll begins in April 2017 and this website archive of it updates once per month, but the most recent tweets are available at You may also search twitter for, "ChrisDownsBooks" plus a keyword of your choice as is shown in my Tables of Contents files.
Enjoy (:(:

Note: This archive was last updated 20210224.

Special Note: All Whom i have said are Innocent of any and even all of the sorceries have no willful thing to do with any and even all of them, but are a noble People and to be Ten+Commandment respected.