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The Ten Commandments and Love

The Sabbath

Fortis Momentum

Religion of the United States

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Read this testimony in order on this page along with the latest tweets at, Fortis Momentum and the Bible References found within that. Know The Word. And know how to browse this file for rapid Word Ammunition to know how to apply The Word.
This testimony in tandem with The Word will arm and equip You to overcome these days, but You must have on always The Full Armor of God, Your Crown of Humility and seek The Three Promises to be fulfilled for every piece of Your Crown knowing that satan will tempt and attack You.
The Scroll (of tweets) starts in April 2017. Begin by selecting the year 2017 and select, "All" or a month of your choice and scroll all the way to the bottom and then begin reading from the Bottom to the Top. Do this for all following years [or, if you already began reading, Click and Scroll to where you left off and continue or reread (it gets better after rereading)]. Or, start somewhere random and then read the rest for more interesting results. Compare with CoWitnesses! Be sure to click timestamps to find tweets on twitter for links and more!
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